Saturday, 27 January 2018

I'm moving to another country!?

I am so excited to finally tell you all that I am moving to another country - Scotland. 

I haven't really spoken about it all that much on my blog but if you didn't know already, I'm in a long distance relationship with my boyfriend Sean and have been for pretty much a year and a half now. 

Here's the story - feel free to skip this bit. 
We met whist on holiday in Tenerife in September 2016 and continued texting after the holiday came to an end. Sean lives in Inverness which is right up in the Scottish Highlands - around an 8 hour drive from Derby. By the end of October, we made it official and embarked upon a long distance relationship. 

Ever since then, we've done so much travelling to see each other as often as we possibly could. As neither of us want the 8 hour drive, we use aeroplanes. The closest airport to me that flies to Inverness is Birmingham using FlyBe, with a rough flight time of 70 minutes. 

If we were ever going to make our relationship a long term commitment, there would inevitably come a day where at least one of us was going to need to make 'the move' ...and that is me!
As of early March, I will be moving to Inverness, Scotland.

I'm actually really excited for this new adventure in my life. I'll be able to spend time with my boyfriend a lot more, I get to explore a brand new beautiful part of the world more, I will have a new job, new friends (not that I want to get rid of my friends now!) and I will be able to experience so many new  things.
Of course, there are things about home that I'm going to miss like my family, the dog, friends, the blogging community (it's not so big up there) and the place I've known as home for 24 years, Ripley. But I just have to remember that it's just 1 hour on a plane away, not the other side of the world. 

I'm heading into this decision with such a positive mindset and I really hope that anybody who knows me will support me and my decision. People may tell me that I'll regret it and I am aware that is a possible outcome but if things did go belly up I'd rather say a quick 'oops' than spend ages wondering 'what if?' 

So at the moment, I'm looking for workup there. I've handed in my notice at my current job. I'll still be blogging and will be opening the door to a whole new city of reviews. In terms of my Great Food Club writing, they've agreed to keep me on and I will now be the Highlands Editor instead of Derbyshire. I've handed my role as Derbyshire rep of East Midlands Blogger Network over to Jay from Comic Books & Yellow Ducks and #DerbyBloggersBrunch will no longer be organised by myself. 

So, there you go. 
I'm moving to Scotland, baby! 



  1. Awwww Monet, I wish you all the best in Scotland and I hope we can stay in touch x

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