Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Royal Oak - Hurdlow, Derbyshire.

Recently,  my mum's friend James told us all about an adorable little country pub he'd come across whilst out cycling in the Peak District. That country pub turned out to be The Royal Oak which is located in Hurdlow, not too far away from Buxton.
I'd never come across this place before but after doing a little snooping online, it was definitely somewhere I wanted to try.

We'd booked a table and made the 45 minute car journey over to see the outside looking lively. The car park was full which to me is always a good sign and the pub's campsite out back was full of campers making the most of the warm weekend.

Upon heading into the bar, we walked past 'The Oak Room' which was jam packed full of diners. Then to our surprise, so was the bar area! I couldn't believe how popular this little place in the middle of nowhere actually was - crazy.
Our table was over by the bar itself, so we took out seats and perused the incredibly extensive menu along with the 3 different special boards. The decor is very much in keeping with the age of the building and gives it so much character and charm with the copper kettles and pans, exposed blocks and beams and an original fireplace to top it off.

Choosing what to order was a task in itself. We were definitely spoilt for choice. After seeing the food arrive to the tables around us, we weren't going to be having starters. The portion sizes here are very...hearty. I was torn between a Chilli and Lasagne & twice cooked chips and in the end opted for the latter along with a side of Garlic Bread. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. The chips were to die for; crispy outsides and fluffy in, the dream. The Lasagne was rich, flavourful and a great balance of all elements. 
Mum went for one of the specials, Barnsley Chop with Leek Mash, Cabbage and Red Wine Gravy. It was slightly on the dry side but was saved by the mash and jus. Overall, was a tasty dish. 
James had been eying up the specials board purely dedicated to pies and finally decided on the Chicken & Pork with the twice cooked chips and mushy peas which was a beast. 

With our table being directly in front of the dessert menu, it was a given that we'd be ordering them (also another reason we chose to skip starters). There were a range of classics available and we all decided to go for different options, this way we could sample as many options as we could. I know, genius right!?
My Chocolate Brownie was sinful but so, so tasty and rich. The Bakewell Tart was great to see on the menu, big up the local classics! The cake element was spongy, the frangipane almondy and had a fruity flash throughout. Everything you'd expect from a great Bakewell Tart. Then, a Fruit Crumble with Custard. Although nice and tart in flavour, it would've benefitted from being more crumbly and having that crunch that you desire. 

All in all, The Royal Oak was a great find. Sometimes it's nice to find somewhere that does great homemade pub grub style food. I'd definitely go back next time I'm over that way. You can tell this place is really popular and after eating here, it's clear why.

Take a look at their website for more info.

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