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Belfry Steakhouse - Derby.

If you've been to Derby, chances are you'll have walked past The Old Bell Hotel at some point. It's known for being Derby's oldest venue in a building that dates back to 1650.
Head round the back and up the stairs and you'll find Belfry Steakhouse.

The Belfry opened to the public earlier on this year and take pride in their meat, only using the best British Beef and locally sourced produce. 
The interior is stylish yet continues the theme of the building with the Mahogany furniture, original wooden beamed ceilings and other quirky features which you notice dotted about. 

We were welcomed by our server and taken through to one of The Belfry's three steak rooms, handed our menus and talked through them. Alongside their evening menu, The Belfry runs 'Wild Meat Wednesday's' which features three exotic cuts of meat which change on a monthly basis. For us, we had the choice of Ostrich, Bison and Wild Boar, all of which were very popular with fellow diners. Towards the end of our visit, they were running really low on these. 

Me and mum weren't feeling too adventurous that evening so we stuck to the standard menu. On here you'll find more cuts of Beef than you can shake a stick at along with sauces, rubs, sides, the option to add Lobster and a few mains for the non steak eaters too. 

Both me and mum went for the 8oz Rump; hers cooked medium rare and mine well done. I decided to go for well done as... This was my first ever steak! I know, it's crazy right!? I thought I'd start off safe and I can always work my way down to something more 'acceptable'. Also, I was expecting to have at least some fat on my rump but no, none at all which for me is perfect. 
As for the extras, I had a portion of Corn on the Cob and a bowl of Triple Cooked Beef Dripping Chips. Mum had some Seasonal Greens and a Diane Sauce.

All of the food came out looking incredible. Before leaving us to it, our waiter asked us to cut into the meat to check it was cooked to our liking. Perfect first time and away we were.
To say this was my first steak, I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it. The steaks are cooked using a Josper which is kind of a grill/ oven hybrid. They're able to cook the meat quicker but are still able to retain all of those delicious flavoursome juices. 
The sides were equally as tasty. Mum's seasonal greens were fresh and bursting with flavour, my corn on the cobs were slightly burnt around the edges which I love and the triple cooked chips were super fluffy but I'd personally have liked them to be crispier on the outside. 

Our empty plates were cleared by our waiter who asked how everything went. All of the members of staff we dealt with were all very attentive, welcoming and outgoing which was lovely. 

When asked if we'd like dessert, my head was telling me no but my heart said yes as it always does in this situation. We decided to browse the options, obviously. 
I decided that I really couldn't handle a full dessert so had a couple of scoops of ice-cream. Mum however, spotted the Barbecued Pineapple which comes with Rum & Raisin ice-cream and went for it. She was quite disappointed with this dessert. For £4.95, you didn't really get too much and she was pretty sure the Pineapple was tinned. From what she'd imagined in her head upon ordering, when she was presented with this is was a little bit of a let down which is a shame. 
Hopefully the other desserts are tastier and much better value for money!

Looking back, we did have a great night at The Belfry. They certainly excel with their steaks and a good independent steakhouse is just what Derby needed. 
There was a great atmosphere throughout the evening and the interior is something different to the norm nowadays which really gives the place character and you get to soak up all of that history. 
I felt that the menu was reasonably priced for such good quality produce and it's definitely somewhere I would recommend to people. So, next time you're in Derby, why not try the Belfry?

Take a look at their website here and let me know what your favourite steak is and how you'd have it cooked?

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