Sunday, 14 August 2016

Love Chin Chin African Snacks.

I'm always on the hunt for new snacks to try. So, when I got a package jam packed full of goodies from Love Chin Chin, I just had to get munching straight away.
Luckily, I received all four flavours of these West African inspired snacks which comprises of Vanilla, Cinnamon, Lemon & Chilli. With packaging to match, these certainly stand out to me. If I saw them in a shop, I'd have to pick them up to find out what was inside. 

Love Chin Chin are described by "crunches like a biscuit and tastes like a cake". My initial thought was "How is that possible!?".
Despite my confusion, the combination sounded a perfect mix and I cracked open a bag straight away. Literally two minutes after opening the parcel. 

I started off with Vanilla (keeping things simple). Before I knew it, the whole bag was gone. I'm not saying that you don't get many in a packet, I'm saying they were so irresistible! I couldn't stop myself,  they were too good!
I've had a read of the packaging and I'm not sure what's classed as a serving but I'm pretty sure a whole bag isn't for one. You probably could share, but that's just not me (in this situation anyway).

The texture is so strange to start. You're not really too sure what you've just eaten. They remind me of a crunchy version of a shortbread biscuit. 
You certainly do get that crunch when you bite into them followed by the light, crumbly, sweet cake taste. 
They're definitely one of those snacks you need to try for yourself. So hard to describe.

So, the flavours. 
Vanilla: As the first flavour I tried, by the end, these were still my favourite. I like the simplicity of the flavouring. They're a great base and work really well with a cup of tea, with yoghurt and lots of other options too.

Lemon: Once opening the bag, the citrus flavour hits you straight away. They smelt delicious. I was a little worried that the flavouring would be too overpowering/ tart but no, not at all. The lemon is extremely subtle and reminded me of a Starbucks Lemon Poppyseed Muffin which are my fave. 

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is one of those flavours that I only like on certain foods. For example, sprinkled on a pretzel. Anything more than that and I find the flavour to 'Christmassy' which isn't my kinda thing.
It works! But I wouldn't be able to eat as many as I did with the Vanilla flavour. Again, like the Lemon, Cinnamon is a subtle flavour which comes through in the aftertaste. 

Chilli: If you've read my blogs for a while, you'll know I don't like anything spicy. I'll admit, I was quite hesitant to try the Chilli version but I did it! Also, a Chilli biscuit/cake? What?
Although the heat isn't too strong, you still get that tingle in your mouth which I know chilli lovers crave. I personally don't like that so won't be eating any more of this flavour. 
I can imagine if that's your kind of thing though, these would be perfect.

I would recommend Love Chin Chin if you're on the look out for a new, unusual snack to try.
I'll definitely be buying some more of the Vanilla flavour to pop in my bag for when I'm out and about.
At the moment, they're stocked in Tesco & Asda so make sure you keep an eye out for them in the snack aisles. 

Find out more on their website.

Thanks for reading, I'll see you again soon,


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