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MEXIco - Intu Derby.

If you're a regular visitor to intu Derby, you'll have noticed that there's been a lot of new restaurants popping up besides the food court. The latest to open is MEXIco which sits nicely next door to Zizzi's.
There were a lot of rumours as to what they were going to have in this spot. Originally, it was set to be a Chimichanga so when MEXIco opened it's doors, I was quite surprised. I hadn't come across MEXIco before, but that's because it's the first of hopefully many to come.
The concept was created by chef Johnny Hernandez who wanted to share his love of the cuisine with others and promising a true Mexican experience.

A few weeks back, I'd received an invitation to the launch night which was attended by lots of other local bloggers and press. Unfortunately, I couldn't make the event but was asked to return so that I didn't miss out.

Me & Ashlea popped by on a Wednesday night, just two weeks after opening. It was great to see the place packed full of people when we arrived. Luckily, we had a table reserved so didn't need to wait in the queue.

What stands out instantly to any diner or even passer by is the bright colours. It makes the place feel so fresh and spacious. Totally different to any other restaurant in the shopping centre.
The walls are covered in authentic Mexican decorations which were shipped over especially. Even the newspaper that they travelled over in was saved to use as wallpaper in the toilets - no wastage here!

We were left to browse the menus after a quick introduction as to what was what and ordered a couple of drinks. A Dos Equis Mexican Lager for Ashlea and an Agua Fresca for me. Apple & Mint, very refreshing. 

We had decided right from the beginning that we were going to have the most Mexican themed drinks and dishes that we could. For our main course, I had Cheese Enchiladas with the Pulled Chicken Tinga as my filling. Our waitress let me know that although they try their best to remove them, there may possibly be a couple of little bones in this filling. This was fine and great of them to let you know before hand so that you don't get any surprises.

Ashlea went for a Burrito (minus the cheese - crazy person) with a Beef Fajita filling. We decided to order a side of fries to share.
As time went by, we noticed how long it was taking for our mains to be served and how other tables were getting theirs before us. We weren't too fussed as we were in no rush, but it's just one of those things that you clock. Finally after 45 minutes, we had food!

We couldn't wait to get stuck in, we were both starving! Both dishes were excellent. They were full of flavour, the mild chilli sauce that both were served in was delicious and was great to dip the chips in.
As mentioned, I was on high alert for any little bones that may have made their way into my chicken enchiladas but as time went by, I didn't have any which was great. But then I realised, I'd been eating a Beef one all along! It took me that long to realise! I didn't bother saying anything to anybody at that point as I'd nearly finished my food - I just told our waitress as she cleared our plates. 
She was so apologetic and assured me that a message would be passed onto the kitchen.
Luckily, I like Beef & Chicken so this wasn't an issue for me but know it may be for others.

Now onto desserts. After a quick browse, me and Ashlea deiced on the same. The Churros Ice Cream Sundae. I am a huge fan of Churros but wanted something a little different, the sundae was perfect. 
Basically, it's pieces of Churros, Cinnamon Ice Cream, Dulce De Leche which I've always known as a caramel made by heating up condensed milk, it might not be though.. and whipped cream all served in a tall glass.

Mmm just look at those. It soon came apparent that these were the most popular choice in terms of dessert. Pretty much every table was ordering them and I don't blame them. It was amazing. Very sweet though so if you're not a fan of that, I'd probably chose an alternative. 

After devouring our desserts, we were asked if we wanted to sample the 1800 Coconut Tequila. MEXIco have a wide range of Tequilas on offer at all times. Ashlea decided to give it a go but as I don't drink alcohol, I asked if I could try their Mango & Passionfruit Slushy instead which wasn't a problem at all. I even got to drink mine from a shot glass cup so I wasn't left out.
The slushy was amazing. I'd go back here purely for the slushy. It was so fruity, refreshing and tasty! Usually these come served in jars which looks really cool. I'll be back for more slush.
Ashlea isn't a fan of tequila but drank this one anyway. It was so strong. It smelt of coconut alcohol. I can imagine if you are a tequila fan though, you'll fit right in at MEXIco. 

Soon after, we decided to make a move back home. I enjoyed my time at MEXIco and would return for more. 
If you're heading to intu Derby sometime soon, why not give them a try for yourself?
Great food, absolutely fantastic customer service and brilliant upbeat atmosphere. When they're in full swing, this place will be great. They did only open 2 weeks ago!

See what it's all about here.

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