Sunday, 3 July 2016

A Day At The Races, Uttoxeter - June 2016.

Last Sunday, I took a trip over to Uttoxeter Racecourse in Staffordshire to experience a day at the races for the John Smith 's Summer Cup.
The Summer Cup is held at Uttoxeter every year, features eight horse races and grows in popularity year on year.

We were kindly given complimentary hospitality tickets for the newly refurbished 1907 restaurant which is located directly opposite the finish line with fantastic views of the course from the private balcony.

The day began at 12pm. We made our way to 1907 and were given our wristbands/ passes for the day and shown to our table.
The package includes a programme for the day which was great to read through whilst taking in the surroundings and a drink.
With an open bar and extremely attentive waiting on staff, you were never without a drink by your side.

Before the day got started, we were treated to a three course lunch.
Unfortunately, there were no menus to read through to see what we'd be having, so nobody had any clue as to what they were going to get.

The starter was Pate with Melba Toast. I really don't like Pate so asked if I could have a vegetarian option instead. To my joy, it was Goats Cheese with Roasted Red Peppers and Balsamic Vinegar. It was alright. I didn't eat it all though.

For mains, Beef Fillet with Bubble & Squeak, a Caramelised Onion and Jus. I thoroughly enjoyed this main course. For me, the Beef was cooked perfectly (cooked through) whereas other diners all had pink. It's like they knew! The meat was excellent quality and tasted amazing along with the jus. The bubble & squeak was a but of a let down but that didn't stop me eating it! I suppose it was just an easy, time saving way on the day to get both potatoes and veggies into the dish which I don't blame the chefs for doing with how many guests there were to cater for at once.

Finally, dessert. When we asked earlier on in the meal, we were told dessert would be a Lemon Tart. Shortly after mains though, we were informed that this had now changed to a White Chocolate and Raspberry Parfait which to be fair, I much preferred the sound of!
It was a lovely end to the meal due to how creamy and refreshing it was. You can't really go wrong, it's a classic combination!

For myself, these portion sizes were absolutely fine. However, there were a few comments about there not being enough food there.

Once lunch service had come to an end, we were treated to a surprise performance by Mr Wilson's Second Liners. They're a New Orleans style Jazz band that perform all of your 90's dance classics. It was so fun to watch, even more so with the element of surprise.

Now it was time to let the races begin! For us in the 1907, we were able to either place bets ourselves or place them with the guys walking around the tables. I chose to go down and do them myself so that I could experience a true race day.

Having the private balcony meant that we had exceptional views of the course. The passes that we had meant that we had access to pretty much everywhere that day but be careful, don't do what I did and leave without it as you struggle to get back in!
I'm not really a gambler but decided to place a few bets seeing as we were there. By the end of the day, I was £5 up so can't complain.

A few races later, we were bought a selection of cakes and sandwiches as an afternoon tea sort of thing which we were all ready for by that time. They didn't last long.

Overall, I had an amazing day at Uttoxeter Racecourse for the John Smith's Summer Cup. It was a great new experience and something different to my usual Sundays.
Big thanks to Heineken for letting me tag along!

Read all about the 1907 experience here. I'd definitely recommend upgrading to this package especially if it's an occasion. It makes the day feel so special.


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