Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Walkabout - Derby.


G'day Sheila! Last week, me and Ashlea headed into Derby one night after work and after receiving an invitation for a meal at Walkabout in Derby, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and do them both in the same night. Made sense to me.

Now, when someone mentions Walkabout to me, I think of a night out in Derby, cramped sticky dance floor and Jager Bombs. It's never been a place that I've associated with food or even considered when looking for somewhere to eat in the centre.
When an email popped into my inbox inviting me along, I thought it was a great opportunity to try somewhere new!

We had a table reserved at 6pm and I go so excited when I saw that the above was waiting for us on the table. I felt so special. Even more so because we had the comfy cosy table which were obviously the best seats in the house.
Menus are already on the table and our server took our drinks order before swiftly returning with them.

I was so surprised to see so much choice on the menu - I really was not expecting it at all. There are Burgers, Hot Dogs, Salads, Steaks, Ribs - all sorts really.
It took me so long to decide what to have! We placed our order with our waitress (usually this would be done up at the bar) and I had a snoop around to take some pictures.

The theme throughout is very much Australian as you'd expect - kind of like a surf shack. It's a well known venue for watching sport, so big flat screen TV's take up the majority of the wall space. Luckily, we avoided any sports crowds. 

A short while later, our food arrived.

I chose to have something quite light as I'd had a big lunch at work that day. I went for a classic Caesar Salad but added on some Grilled Halloumi to give it a little more oomph. 
It was delicious! I was so glad I went for this dish. The lettuce came slightly shredded meaning it was a lot easier to eat, the dressing was full of flavour and the Halloumi perfectly squeaky. I added on a side portion of Fries too which were also very nice - not the most amazing but not the worst I've had. 

Ashlea had a Full Rack of Ribs - This dish is one for the very hungry as it was huge! The ribs come smothered in a BBQ sauce and he added on a Hot & Spicy dip to go alongside and upgraded to Spicy Fries. 
He absolutely demolished this. Ashlea told me that the ribs were very tasty, falling from the bone. However, there was a lot of fat/ gristle along the top of them. He left this, but we couldn't work out why the ribs had been served with this on?

We decided not to go for dessert as this was just a flying visit. If you're looking to dine at Walkabout, it's worth noting that they offer 50% off selected food and drink everyday from 5-7 ... winner! 

Thanks to Walkabout for inviting me along and for a delicious week night meal!

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