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Thaikhun - Intu Victoria Centre, Nottingham.

If you've been to the Victoria Centre in Nottingham recently, you'll have noticed that they've created a food court during their recent refurbishment. One of those restaurants is Thaikhun where me and my friend Emily ventured for lunch one Sunday afternoon. I knew Emily had to be my companion on this visit as she actually visited Thailand around a year ago, so she could see any similarities there may be to the actual country.

We were booked in for 12:30 and seated on a table overlooking the main road and balcony area. I can imagine that will be a lovely place to sit on a nice warm day.

Our waitress came over, greeting us in a traditional Thai manor and handed us menus.
They were really easy to read and although uses the actual names of the dishes, there is an English translation listed next to them.
We ordered drinks, a plain old diet coke for me and a bottle of Chang (one of Thailand's most popular beers) for Emily.

We placed our orders which meant it was time for me to have a wander round to nosy at the interior. It was amazing! Emily even said it was so much like being in Thailand, it took her right back there. The authentic surroundings make you forget your actually sat in a busy city centre shopping centre.
The tables were dotted about and some inside little shacks which made them a little more intimate.

It wasn't long before our starters arrived. In fact, it was super speedy.
I chose to have the Chicken Spring Rolls which were very nice. The outer shell was crispy and they were full of flavour. The only thing I would have liked was a little more Chicken as each roll only contained one piece.
Emily went for the Chicken Wings. At first we were a little unsure how they'd taste as they didn't come in any sauce like you'd expect. However, she enjoyed them thoroughly. Both came served with a delicious Sweet Chilli Sauce too which was great for dipping.

Not long after clearing our starters, the mains were served. I was quite surprised at how quick all of this food was coming out from the kitchen. However, it was all cooked fresh so I had no problem really. The kitchen is visible from the restaurant too, so you can see what the chefs are up to!

I'm not overly adventurous when it comes to a cuisine like this as I'm too worried I'll chose something which I don't like. I decided to go for a Pad Thai which is a stir fry noodle dish with Chicken. It was so tasty. I very much enjoyed it as I love noodles. The chicken was succulent and the little crumbs at the side which I sprinkled on top gave it a nice crunch. Unfortunately, I didn't manage it all as the portion was huge and it got a little stodgy towards the end. I would have done if I could though.

Emily had the below, I have no clue what it was called but if we remember then I'll be sure to update this post...sorry! A side portion of sticky Jasmine Rice was ordered too. I ended up stealing some though as it tasted so good!
Likewise, although very tasty, some was left due to just being so darn full.

Now, when we were asked if we wanted to look at desserts, I honestly had no intention of having one. I just didn't think I had the room left! But after seeing what was on offer, we decided to have a go for the hell of it. 
We chose a traditional Thai dessert for something a little different and a huge slice of Chocolate Fudge cake to fall back on in case we didn't like the daring option. We both love chocolate fudge cake.

This is the Pancake Sankaya. It's described on the menu as 'traditional Thai pancakes with Pandan custard' and served with vanilla ice cream then a drizzle of chocolate sauce.
When it was first presented to us, we just looked at each other confused. I mean, it's a green pancake!?
According to our waitress, the green comes from Pandan leaves which are juiced for their colouring and its vanilla like flavouring. 
Although a little tough and chewy, it wasn't too bad. I think it's one of those things that grow on you over time as by the end, Emily had managed to get quite a way through it. I can imagine it isn't on for everyone though due to the brightness and lets say... uniqueness. 

After letting all of that go down, we headed off back into the Victoria Centre for some shopping. 
I had a lovely time at Thaikhun and would recommend for anyone in Nottingham looking for this type of food. It makes a nice change to the usual kind of restaurants you'd see in a food court. 

I loved the interior, it was so different to anywhere I've been before and the staff were all very friendly and knowledgeable about the dishes and their contents. 

At the moment, there are 8 Thaikhun restaurants throughout the UK and I'm sure this number will increase quickly as time goes by. I'm sure it won't be long until there is one in every major city.

Have you been to a Thaikhun, what did you think? Or, have you been somewhere you consider to be better?


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