Wednesday, 27 April 2016

COSMO Authentic World Kitchen - Nottingham.

Every now and again, you can't beat a good all you can eat buffet. Cosmo offer just that but with over 150 different foods from all over the world, prepared by their expert chefs. 
The way in which it works is that you are shown to your table, order drinks (I went for a bottomless soft drink) and then you head up to the food stations and help yourselves to what's on offer.

I've been to Cosmo in Derby before and didn't have a very good experience there but really wanted to try the Nottingham restaurant as I think the concept is such a good idea, especially for larger groups as there really is something for everyone. 
If you don't know where Cosmo Nottingham is, it's tucked away between the Poundworld and Little Waitrose opposite the John Lewis entrance to the Victoria Centre. 

So anyway, we took our seats overlooking the main road and went to chose some food.

The chefs are always on hand topping up the food as and when required. From the dishes that I chose, there was only around a 30 second wait for the next batch to be served which was super speedy. I can imagine it's quite hard for them to gage correctly when to make more all of the time! 

I had quite a selection of dishes including: Chicken Balls, Sweet & Sour Chicken and Seaweed from the Chinese, Poppadoms from the Indian, Pizza from the Italian along with a few Chips etc. 
It's great to be able to go back as and when you fancy something different. You can pile it all on one plate, or take turns for different cuisines, it's completely up to you.
Throughout the meal, the waiters clear your plates and you help yourself to a fresh one each time to head back for more. The plate you left is never there when you return, so be careful incase you were wanting to save that piece!

Desserts work in the same way. There's not as much choice as mains, but still plenty to keep you going including a Chocolate Fountain, Ice Creams, Fresh Cakes, Macarons ... the list just goes on and on. 
By this point, I was so full and could only manage a small bowl of ice cream and a drizzling of chocolate from the fountain. 

When it comes to leaving, you just head over to the tills (many of them are dotted around the dining area) and pay what you owe.
There's always a set price which varies depending on the day/ time of your visit - for example, quieter periods such as midweek lunch costs £8.99 each whereas a Friday/ Saturday night will cost you £15.99 each. I think both prices are very good (more so the lunch) as you literally can eat as much as you wish. In other restaurants, you'd pay this price just for your main course.

So yes, I had a lovely visit to Cosmo and would definitely return. Compared to my visit to the Red Hot World Buffet around the corner, this was much better. 

Take a look at their website: here & thank you for reading.


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