Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Mirage Cake Company - Heanor, Derbyshire.

The Mirage Cake Company is a cake shop in Heanor, Derbyshire that produces all sorts of delicious goodies.
I've been past this shop many times and always take a moment to admire their window display which is always full of show stopping creations.
The family run company is owned by Jamie who discovered his love of all things cake when he decided to make one for his daughters birthday and generated a lot of interest.
The shop was opened on Derby Road back in 2013 after demand kept growing and growing. They haven't looked back since.

Me and Jamie got chatting over email and he invited me along to make a 'Pork Pie Cake'. I know, intriguing right!?

I headed over for my four hour session.

As you walk into the shop, you're surrounded by incredibly designed cakes which actually have you doubting whether or not it actually is one.

We headed off into the back studio where all of the ideas are bought to life.
What's great about The Mirage Cake Company is that they listen. When you arrange an initial consultation, you're able to pretty much have the cake designed as you wish. You get to discuss your budget and taste the different fillings to ensure you're getting something as personalised as possible.
The cakes can also be adapted for dietary requirements too. Jamie assures me that he makes a mean gluten free option.

We got stuck in and began making my Pork Pie. I was super excited. Here's how it went!

The first step was to create the slate effect board to stand everything on. It was a case of using a Grey icing to line it. Then, using a real piece of slate, pressing down onto the icing to create the indentations. 

Creating a dome like shape from the sponge.

Adding the filling to both the middle and outside of the sponge.

Next it was time to wrap it all up in icing. One piece around the outside one a circular one on top. I then crimped the edges together to seal and put two indents on the lid to resemble air vents. 

We also made some extra decorations to fill the board. Bits and bobs you'd usually have with a Pork Pie. A slice of Beef, two cute Cherry Tomatoes, two slices of French Stick and a wedge of Blue Cheese.

Afterwards, it was time to add some colour to this bad boy and it's counterparts. Using an airbrush tool, we added a mixture of colours to create the desired look. Then it was a case of layering the spray to get a darker colour.

After a careful assembly... here's my finished masterpiece!

I was so proud of how amazing it came out. Jamie was quite impressed too.

When mine and his were put side by side, it was quite hard to tell who's was who's.

Jamie was an amazing teacher. Full of patience and happy to help where I need it. Especially when I kept rolling my icing to the table. The time flew by. Obviously having fun!

At the moment, The Mirage Cake Company are in the process of looking into doing a 'Cake School' with all types of master classes etc. involving making your own cakes. I personally think it's a great idea and think it could be a really popular thing to offer.
I took my cake into work the following day and people were amazing at the fact that I'd done it myself.
It's an amazing achievement for someone like myself who has only every made things like a Victoria Sponge before.

What do you think? Would you attend a class similar to this?
Let me know!

Thanks to Jamie & The Mirage Cake Company for an amazing morning/ afternoon. I learnt so much and the cake tasted amazing. So many compliments were given to me at work.

Check out their website: www.themiragecakecompany.com and maybe see what they can do for your next celebration.


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  1. This looks incredible, I'd definitely be up for attending any class that includes cake!

    Beka. xo | littleworldofbeka


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