Thursday, 17 March 2016

Eat Your Photo

When I saw an advert asking for bloggers to review some cupcakes, I just had to!!
The company in question is Eat Your Photo and I was super excited when I had a flick through their website to see they are part of Beach's Bakery in Somercotes, Derbyshire. Not far from where I live at all.

The idea is, that you get to order a variety of products such as cupcakes, chocolates, brownies, cookies and lots of other items with a picture of your choice on them.

I was offered the cupcakes by post, which sounds a little scary to think that cakes are delivered in the mail, however the packaging is really sturdy and lots of care is taken at all times.

As I drive past Beach's bakery on my way to work everyday, I offered to pick my cakes up to save on delivery costs etc. helping the environment and all that.

Here's what I was greeted to upon opening the box. Six cupcakes with my face on!
I just sent over a picture of myself as I've always wondered how good I would taste. Many people chose to have logos and things like that but I  don't really have one.

I was really impressed with how well the picture comes out. I chose a photo with low lighting so was unsure as to how this would go down. It does work but I think next time I'll chose a lighter image.

When I ripped open the cellophane, the smell was amazing. So fresh and sweet! I was so excited to get stuck in.

I had the vanilla flavour, keeping it nice and simple. There are a few other flavours such as chocolate to chose from too though.
When I took the first bite... oh my!
The sponge is so fluffy and light like you're eating air with a big thick layer of luxurious creamy vanilla frosting and a little chewiness from the photo topper. All of the textures and flavours go together so well. I was so impressed. 
I will even go as far to say that this was the tastiest cake I've had for a while now. 

I've had cakes before that have had pictures printed on but always felt that the quality is compromised due to the fact that it has something a little different on top. Not here though! These will not last long in our house that's for sure.

I would definitely have some of these cakes again! You can too by ordering on their website:
I think it would be really nice to order some of these as a gift to someone and have them delivered to their house as a surprise. I'm going to be bearing that in mind for the future.

Be sure to head over to their site and check out all of the amazing personalised goodies to chose from!

Thanks Eat Your Photo!


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