Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Loom - Nottingham.

Earlier this week, I received an invite to head over to The Loom in Nottingham to try out their newly launched menu.

The Loom is on High Pavement opposite Pitcher & Piano. 
This building is packed full of local history having been previously used as the museum of lace in the heart of Nottingham's Lace Market.

From the outside, it doesn't really scream "come inside". I must admit, I've walked past before and not even noticed it was there.

I took along my friend Emily, we had an early booking at 5pm so it wasn't busy at the time.
We were seated and given menus to browse.

I really liked where we were sat. In my opinion, they were the best seats in the house.
There's an area of tables when you walk in, but seems to be quite separate from the rest of the restaurant and bar. If we were sat down there instead, I wouldn't have been as pleased.

The exposed brickwork really added a rustic touch and the fairy light covered railings looked lovely and welcoming. 

Our waitress came over to take our drink order. Just a diet coke for me (I'd have two mocktails beforehand in previous bars) and a Pinot Grigio for Emily. 
To say there were only a few people in the place at the time (nobody currently waiting at the bar), our drinks took quite a while to arrive.

We placed our food order and I went for a wander.

There's a real chilled/ relaxed vibe here which is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of a rainy Nottingham.
There was some great acoustic music playing which me and Emily both agreed reminded us of our recent break in Dublin.
There's also a little stage area at the back of the bar for live music. Jazz is very popular here.

A short while later, our starters arrived.

A simple yet delicious selection of bread and oils. 
The bread was fresh, soft and delightfully warm. Two choices, a good old plain ciabatta and a rosemary covered option. It was a sort of ciabatta/ focaccia hybrid.

We had a balsamic vinegar oil, what I think was a garlic oil (I asked the waitress but she couldn't tell me) and a strange looking green oil. I approached with caution but had nothing to worry about, it was pesto flavoured. I've never seen anything like it though. They all tasted great.

Mine didn't last long. I loved it. 
Our plates were cleared and we replenished our drinks.

I was really surprised when just 5-10 minutes later, the mains showed up.

I chose to go for Corn Fed Chicken with Baby Gem Lettuce, Olives, Caesar, Pancetta and Parmesan cheese.
I wasn't sure what to expect as it sounded like a Caesar Salad but wasn't advertised as one.

The presentation was very nice and it smelt amazing.
We tucked in and awaited our side portion of fries to share.

The Chicken was really succulent and surrounded by crispy skin, the bacon crispy and all went really well with the dressing.
The thing that confused me was that the lettuce was warm and therefore soggy. I've never had lettuce in this way and wasn't keen to be honest. I'd much rather had fresh, crisp baby gem.

As we finished our meals, our fries were bought over. Unfortunately, they had been missed from our order. Our waitress was apologetic .

After eating up, we decided to grab the bill and head off.

Overall, I really enjoyed the atmosphere at The Loom, I imagine it's even better when busier too.
The down sides were... slow service and as I mentioned, my warm lettuce.

I think that if I was to return to The Loom, it would be for a drink and to listen to some of their live music.
I don't think I'd go back for food. It's quite pricey for what you get (my main - £15.00).

If you'd like to take a look for yourself, visit their website:

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