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The Joiners Arms - Quarndon, Derbyshire.

The Joiners Arms has been on my list of places to visit ever since I found out it was owned by the same people as The Bulls Head in Repton, one of my all time favourites.

Quarndon is a beautiful little village just four miles from Derby city centre & is really easy to get to.
I wasn't really sure what to expect from The Joiners Arms. Nobody I know has ever been and I knew from word of mouth that they are in the process of renovating and improving the place.

When we pulled into the car park around 6pm, it was great to see so many cars in there. I wasn't expecting it to be honest as we were quite early.
From the outside, it looks like a run down drinkers pubby pub, but once you head inside, it's actually really nice.

The low lighting, ceiling beams, exposed brickwork and roaring wood fires are so inviting and cosy.
You feel welcome and can tell straight away it's a place to relax.

 Your four legged friend is even welcome too with a variety of treats on the 'Dog Bar'.

We hadn't booked a table, so we ordered some drinks and were shown to one they had available in the restaurant area. You can also dine in the bar.

Our drinks were bought over to us. A Harvesters Pale Ale for Ashlea and after seeing a sign on the bar, I chose to try their Home made Lemonade.

They are adorable! Served in a mason jar, topped with a refreshing Lemon Sorbet and a striped paper drinking straw. 
It tasted incredible. I was expecting it to have a sour twang but no, not like that at all. Beautifully sweet and incredibly more-ish.

I wasn't fussed about having a starter. Ashlea however wanted to try the Thai Beef Salad which contained strips of spicy Beef fillet, Cashew Nuts, Bean Sprouts, Bamboo Shoots etc...

He told me he really really enjoyed it but the portion size was on the large side so didn't manage to polish it off.  The bowl is a little hard to eat out of too but other than that, a nice light dish to start with.

For main, he chose the Fish & Chips. We thought that if it's anything like the ones they serve over at The Bulls Head, he was in for a treat. Oh boy!

Amazing quirky presentation if the thing that stands out here...As well as the massive fish plonked on top!
The batter was super crisp, the fish served skinless and fell apart on the fork. It looked fresh and from what I could see, really good quality. I had a nibble on the mushy peas. They were yummy. Ashlea even ended up having an extra portion of them.
The real chips have an amazing colour, are very light and fluffy. 

For myself, I just wanted something small. I wasn't particularly hungry after a big lunch earlier in the day.
I was intrigued by their Yakitori Sticks. You can chose to have these as a starter or have a couple extra for a main. 
With five different sticks to chose from, I went for one of the Cajun Chicken, one of the Courgette wrapped Halloumi and two of the Parma Ham wrapped Goats Cheese.

With a side portion of the real chips, this was just the right amount for me.

I tried the Cajun Chicken first, I managed to get half way but it was far too spicy for my liking. I can usually handle Cajun, but this seemed to have tons of seasoning. It went over to Ashlea's box.
The Halloumi was next. Lovely and warm with a sweet hint of Honey. 
Then the Goats Cheese. I love Goats Cheese so this was my favourite, especially alongside the Red Onion Jam. They're just a match made in heaven. I wasn't too sure about the Parma Ham at first but by the end of the two, I was sold.

I had a real sweet tooth that day, so a dessert was a must.
The one that stood out to us both was the 'Old Skool Sundae' which we decided to share. I'm so glad we did though as the portion was huge!! They definitely don't hold back here.

 A delicious combination of Vanilla & Chocolate ice cream, Waffle, Popcorn, Frozen Banana, Whipped Cream, Hot Fudge Sauce, Salted Caramel Sauce and Chocolate Sticks.
A chocolate lovers dream. AKA my dream.

To finish off, I had another Lemonade and Ashlea had an Espresso.

 We decided not to stick around too long afterwards as we both had work the next day. 
When it came to paying the bill, we were told by the waitress that the tills had gone down. They were all very apologetic and had them back up and running as soon as they could.

All of the staff were so friendly and chatty. It really adds to the experience for me. Our waitress tried to be as attentive as she could but with a restaurant full of people and just her working in there, she was a little rushed off her feet. They could've done with an extra pair of hands.

 I definitely plan on going back to The Joiners Arms. In fact, my mum has even decided to go since after hearing about the time that we had there!

Thanks for a lovely night. 

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