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Revolución de Cuba, Derby - New Menu Launch Event - February 2016.

Revolucion De Cuba was a much welcomed addition to The Strand in Derby a few years back.
With their late night opening times, it's a popular destination for those on a night out but are looking for something a lot classier than the pubs and clubs.

I've been here a couple of times in the past, but never actually been for food. So, when I was invited along to their new menu launch, I just had to go!

The place is very welcoming with music playing (they often have live music too), a bar full of people and authentic Cuban decor. 

As we all arrived, we were welcomed by Micheala who had organised the event and introduced to Ben, their cocktail guru. He was making Mojitos for the guests. Luckily for me, I asked for a non alcoholic version and was bought over the most amazing Apple & Raspberry mocktail.

We began the evening with a cocktail masterclass hosted by Ben. He showed us how to make lots of different drinks and even let us go up and make our own!
It was really interesting and I learnt a lot more than I was expecting. Ben really knows his stuff about the ingredients within a drink which was impressive and is able to make new ones on the spot too.

We also had some nibbles to keep us going. Pork Crackling, Olives, Spicy Mixed Nuts & Sweet Banana Chips. I fell in love with these Banana chips. They were so tasty. I've never been a fan of dry fruit before but, wow!

Here's me making myself one of the Apple & Raspberry Mojitos that I started the evening with. It wasn't as good as the one Ben made me but still very good for an amateur! 

After cocktail making, it was time to sample some new dishes from the menu.
I was really surprised at how big the menu was. You have your Tapas, Burgers, Sandwiches, Burritos and lots more.

Firstly, we were provided with Nachos with two choices of dips. Homemade Guacamole and Smoky Tomato Salsa. I wasn't too sure about the Salsa as I'm not a big 'smoky' fan but the Guacamole was delicious and that's coming from someone who's never had it before.

Here was have the Pan Fried Glazed Chicken with Romesco which is a Smoky Tomato & Red Pepper based sauce.

Next up was their Pork & Choizo Quesadillas. I'm not usually a fan of Pork but these were lovely. I think it may be because mine contained more Chorizo instead. But anyway, very nice. The tortilla was warm and crispy too which was an added bonus. 

Albondigas? What's that!? They're homemade meatballs containing a mixture of Beef, Chorizo & Pork in a tomato sauce. They were very nice although by the time they arrived at the table were cold. I imagine if they were warmer, they'd be even better.

One for the veggies here, these are Cauliflower Wings. lightly fried florets in a Mojito batter.
I seem to be liking a lot of vegetarian dishes at the moment, so these have a thumbs up from me.
The batter was crisp and the Cauliflower cooked perfectly. The accompanying Goats Cheese & Honey Sauce is a lovely addition too.

& some grilled Sardines topped with the Smoky Salsa. I didn't try this one.

The tapas dishes that Revolucion De Cuba offer are a great alternative to the average starter or main you get in every other restaurant. During the week, they offer 3 for £13 or 2 for 1 on Sundays.
There's something for everyone too which is great.

Next ,we got to try some of the main courses. Burrito's & Burgers!

In the first picture, we have the Flaming Albondiga which we were warned, isn't for the faint hearted.
I took the decision not to sample this one as I'm a wuss when it comes to heat.
Below is the Marinated Chicken Burrito.
We also had a 7 hour slow cooked Beef version too which I was too slow getting a picture of.

Of the Beef & Chicken Burritos that I ate, I think the Chicken was my favourite, but it was very close.
They both tasted amazing and contained great flavour combinations. Each Burrito has a different rice to create the best dish.
They're quite filling too so you're not left hungry and the side of nachos is a much welcomed crunch.

We also got to try their Burgers too. The Surf & Turf, Classic Pork & Chorizo and a veggie option of Sweet Potato & Bean.
They all come served with Fries and a garlic aioli. The fries were really good. Crisp and fluffy.
My favourite burger was the Sweet Potato.

As the evening went on a little longer than planned, I debated a swift exit which would have meant missing out on desserts. I couldn't do that!!

We were treated to two Cuban inspired dishes.

This was a Churro Cheesecake. I absolutely love Churro's so couldn't wait to dig in.
Unfortunately, I wasn't very keen.
The Churro's had gone soggy which I assume is from the sauce which I didn't like either. It was Rum Caramel but I found the Rum far too overpowering.

Last but not least, Sweet Nachos. Sounds strange right? But delicious.
They're normal Tortillas but dusted in Sugar & Ginger layered with lots of sweet tasting goodies such as Cream, Strawberries & Mango.
The Sugared Nachos were amazing on their own too. It's a really simple yet effective dessert which I would never have even thought of.

After consuming all of this food, I was ready for bed!

I had a super evening at Revolucion De Cuba and will definitely be back for food. I can't believe it took me this long to try it. It was also my first time having Tapas too! Where have I been!?

The staff were all so friendly and welcoming and it's amazing to see how passionate they are about what they do.
A lot of time and effort is put into their training as we were told by GM Dan. The company sends their managers over to Cuba to experience what it's really like over there and to bring inspiration and ideas back to England in the hope to create an experience as authentic as possible for those like me who can't afford a trip to Cuba. Boo!

Have you been to any of the Revolucion De Cuba's? What did you enjoy most?



  1. I used to always walk past this place on my way to and from uni and now on my way to and from work. I've been in on a night out, but I've never actually been in for food. I'm definitely going to have to give it a go!

    Beka. xo | littleworldofbeka

    1. I was exactly the same Beka. Yes, you should pop by next time you're on the hunt for food. They do an excellent Brunch apparently too which I'm wanting to try soon.
      Monet x


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