Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Baresca - Nottingham.

After an overnight stay in Nottingham at the weekend, we were on the hunt for some breakfast/brunch.
A text from my grandma asking us to join her at Baresca was very much welcome, it's somewhere me and Ashlea have never been and it meant that we didn't have to traipse around looking for somewhere.

I've heard of Baresca through Twitter but had no idea whereabouts it was in Nottingham. Luckily, whilst shopping the day before, I'd spotted it down a side alley off Bridlesmith Gate which was totally at random but was pleased I'd found it.

We arrived at 10am for when they open on a Sunday

From the signs outside, I learnt that Baresca is a Spanish restaurant offering tapas and other sorts of Mediterranean goodies.
I really liked the little section of outdoor seating. I can imagine it would be lovely to sit there on a warm day, just like you would if you were actually in Spain.

Me and Ashlea were first to arrive, we were greeted by the waiter, he took us over to a table that would seat 6.
As we were towards the back of the restaurant, it meant we got to see everything as we walked through including the chefs in the open kitchen!

Whilst we waited for the others, I had a snoop around for some picture taking.

'To go' type area


Our waiter came over to give us some menus and we ordered drinks. 

There was quite a lot of choice for a breakfast menu. I was pleasantly surprised. Some of the ingredients had Spanish names, we had to find out what they were but the main foods were patatas, morcilla and eggs as they feature in most dishes.

I chose to have one of their fresh stone baked flat breads. A variety of toppings are available so I chose sausage and egg. 
I've never had a flatbread for breakfast, I wasn't sure what to expect! But, that's why I chose it. I wanted something unusual. 

It looked lovely! The fried eggs had runny yolks, the flatbread baked perfectly and the sausages super tasty!
I really liked how salty the flatbread was too. I assume that's how it was meant to be as it really worked.
The accompanying tomato sauce tasted lovely too and was great for dipping. 

Other choices around the table were Morcilla Eggs Benedict:
Apart from the Black Pudding which isn't really my thing. It looked delicious. The hollandaise sauce was super thick.

The Chorizo, Patatas and Eggs were chosen by both Ashlea and my Grandma. 
If I hadn't had my flatbread, I would have chosen this too.
Again, runny yolk eggs, beautifully crispy Patatas and chunky slices of spicy Spanish Chorizo.

I will point out that there was quite a wait between each person's meal being served. 
For example, by the time my flatbread came out (last), my uncle had already finished his meal which was served first.

All of the coffee served is from Nottingham based roasters/ coffee shop 200 degrees
It's a place that I love to go when I visit Nottingham and it's always so busy.
If you haven't been then you should. The coffee that they make and serve is amazing.

Shortly after finishing, we asked for the bill and left to continue shopping.

I don't go out for breakfast that often but loved the meal that I had at Baresca. 
As well as breakfast, Baresca also serve lunch and dinner. 
By night, there's a real relaxed feel and turns into more of an entertainment venue with a downstairs cellar bar with live music. 

Take a look at their website: www.baresca.co.uk 

Let me know if you've been to Baresca and what you thought. 

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    1. Hi Ian,
      Thanks for your comment.
      No, I have not used this website before. I had not heard of it to be honest.
      I'll take a look now.



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