Monday, 28 December 2015

The Denby Lodge - Denby, Derbyshire.

I've been to The Denby Lodge many times before, but never actually blogged about my experience.
As it was boxing day and I'd just gotten a new camera for Christmas, I decided it was the perfect opportunity.

The Denby lodge is found in the small village of... you guessed it, Denby. It's just a few minutes down the road from Ripley so isn't far at all from where I live.
Most people have heard of The Denby Lodge for their steak nights, it used to be really popular for them 'back in the day' - that's what I've been told many a time, anyway.

You can't really miss this place as you're driving along the road as it has a huge car park on the front.
The building looked really nice in the dark. Beautifully lit.
As I approached, I could hear the sound of people and laughter. It seemed everyone was very much still in Christmas mode. 

I ordered a drink in the bar and waited for the rest of the party to arrive. As you walk through the front door, you enter this area. I like the layout as it is very much separate from the restaurant which is towards the rear of the building. It wasn't too busy in here as it was mainly filled with diners. It does get busy in here on a Friday night though!

As the time came to be seated, we were shown to our table by our waitress who was very attentive and had a friendly chat with us.

The restaurant has a very cosy feel to it - not only because it was roasting in there - but with the exposed brickwork, wooden beams and pretty log surrounded fireplace.

Menus were handed out and there is plenty of choice. This huge thing is double sided and there is a special board too.

To start, I had breaded chicken goujons with a sweet chilli dip (as did many others on the table too)

It's a great portion size for a starter and tasted delicious. The breaded coating was super crispy and crunchy with the juicy chicken inside. They didn't last long.

For main course, I always have the same thing every time that I visit. Lasagne with garlic bread.
It really is one of the nicest lasagne's I've ever had, I just can't bring myself to try anything else in case it wasn't as good.

Again, a great portion size. It's quite generous actually. I just love how meaty, creamy and cheesy it is. A perfect ratio of everything basically. The garlic bread adds that bit of crunch that I always feel you need with a soft pasta dish. Very good as usual.

All of our food came out really quickly to say we were a table of 8 that hadn't pre-ordered.
We had a slight issue where one of our main courses was missed from the order, however this was very quickly rectified by the staff who were very apologetic and said they would be taking it off the bill which I thought was really good of them.

I really couldn't manage a dessert, although the options they had on the board were very tempting.
As Ashlea was having a waffle, I had a little taste of that instead.

The waffle was warm which melted the ice cream, there were little crunchy bits of sugar around the edges, the whole thing was just great. My kind of dessert. 

Overall, another satisfying visit to The Denby Lodge. I'm sure I'll be back there again soon.

As well as the main menu, they also run a 2 for £12 menu during certain times of the day - can't complain about that!

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