Thursday, 10 December 2015

Edinburgh Christmas Market - December 2015.

As part of my birthday weekend in Edinburgh, one of the main things that I wanted to do whilst there was visit the Christmas market. I knew it was a big one, but wasn't expecting this big!
As we approached, we were greeted by the smell of mulled wine. It was so festive!

It was a very popular attraction located in the Princes Street Gardens with millions of visitors each year.
I was obviously mostly interested in the foodie stalls, but thought I'd share with you all what it was like.
From this shot, it looks like a huge market, but this isn't even half of it.
There were fairground rides, a Christmas tree maze, hundreds of stalls and two ice rinks.

The ice rink was overlooked by what I called 'The Baileys Bar'. Despite the horrid wet weather, people were still skating away even though the ice was full of puddles. Eww.

When it came to food stalls, there were plenty of sweet and savoury options.

Here's some pictures I took of some different stalls. I wish I could've put my head under that white chocolate fountain.

If you saw my other post about my meal at Angels Share, then you will know that for dessert, we headed for the market instead of ordering from the restaurant.

I had a freshly cooked white chocolate coated Belgian waffle. Ooooh.

It was so good. It had quite a thick texture but that was nice. With crunchy edges and drizzled white chocolate, I could think of nothing better.

Now, when we came across this next stall, I got super excited.
This is a chimney cake.
When me and Ashlea went to Prague earlier this year, these were EVERYWHERE. We ate so many of them and we've never seen them since. Nobody seemed to know what they were either. Probably because I was calling them 'swirlys'.
They are a traditional Hungarian christmas cake which is made from pastry baked over an open coal fire which means that they become crispy and sweet from the caramelisation of the sugar but stay warm and fluffy on the inside. They then get coated with cinnamon usually, but a range of toppings are available.

If ever you go anywhere that sells these, try one! Seriously.


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