Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Angels Share - Edinburgh.

As you may have seen if you follow me on Twitter (@MunchWithMonet), I recently went to Edinburgh for my birthday weekend.

After a long day walking around the castle, shops & Christmas market, I was ready for some grub!
We decided that we wanted to try somewhere nice, but had something that we would both eat on the menu which is a lot harder than it sounds.

We stumbled across Angels Share which is a hotel and restaurant too located on a back street in the West End.
It seemed really popular inside, so we went in and was seated straight away towards the back of the restaurant/bar area which was nice as there wasn't as much noise from the drinkers.

We were given menu's and our drink order was taken. I had a diet pepsi and Ashlea had a pale ale.
It wasn't until we had a look through the drinks menu that we realised they were quite pricey! But all of the food seemed reasonably priced though.
The place looked lovely. All of the Christmas lights were up and were very tastefully done, nothing tacky here!
I did notice that we were the youngest people in here by quite a considerable amount which made me feel a little uncomfortable, but just tried to ignore that.

I chose to have Macaroni Cheese with a parmesan crust and side salad.
When it was presented to me, I was quite taken aback by the size of it. No way was I going to finish that. I tried my best but failed. Overall, it was a very nice dish. Very cheesy, although I didn't get that much smokiness from the Applewood.

Ashlea toyed between the Cote De Boeuf and the Angels Share Burger, eventually going for the latter. 
A homemade burger with all the usual extra stuff and a bucket of chips. It looked good.
He was pretty pleased with it, not the best he's had but not the worst. 
The chips were really crispy and fluffy in the middle. I may have taken a couple.

Throughout our meal, we were not table checked which was a shame as more drinks were wanted from us. It wasn't as if they had missed our table as there were only two other tables eating at the time.

We decided not to have dessert here, but have something from the Christmas market down the road instead (you will see this in a post to come).
Our waitress took the plates, and we asked for the bill.

Overall, it was alright! There are so many restaurants in Edinburgh that if I was to return, I'd try somewhere else. It's not somewhere that I'm like 'Oh my god, I need to go back!!'

If you're interested in Angels Share - restaurant or hotel, take a look here : www.angelssharehotel.com

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