Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Peacock - Oakerthorpe, Derbyshire.

I've been to The Peacock many times over the years, but never for food.
It's always been one of those places that's really popular, especially on the garden in summer.

After a girly day out, myself and my friends Emily & Rachel decided to have a drive over for a late lunch. It was 3pm to be exact so I was starving!!

The restaurant was relatively busy and very festive looking when we arrived. A very helpful waitress came along and seated us at the table with some menus and took our drinks order.

After a quick browse of the menu, we ordered as the drinks were bought over to us.

I chose to have the Homemade Lasagne which came with garlic bread. One of my favourites!
I must admit, when I saw the waitress bring over the plate with a large bowl on, I got rather excited for a big piece of lasagne, so was a little disappointed when it wasn't that big. But still, it tasted lovely and the crispy garlic bread was just what this otherwise crunch-less dish needed.

Emily chose to have Scampi & Hand Cut Chips. A classic pub dish.
She told me that the dish as a whole was very tasty. We all had a try of the tartar sauce and agreed that it wasn't too great so avoided this.

Rachel is a big fan of burgers, so went for the Flame Grilled Texas Burger which is topped with bacon, mushrooms, Derbyshire Cheddar and an onion ring and comes served with the same hand cut chips. 
When ordered, the waitress had no problem with making sure there were no mushrooms on here.
She told me that the burger was fairly average - like I say, Rachel loves a good burger so knows what she's talking about and I could tell the same just by looking.
The best part were the chips and she also enjoyed the side salad as it was more varied than the usual.

The prices are all quite reasonable, drinks are quite pricey so keep your eyes peeled for that.
When our bill was given to us, I had been charged twice for a drink, but after speaking to the guy behind the bar, this was easily removed.

Overall, we all found the experience at The Peacock...alright. I can now say that I've tried it.

I think when I go back in the future, I will stick to going for drinks and maybe a portion of chips to snack on if I'm peckish. 

Take a look at The Peacock for yourself here:
Also, I found the history section on their website very interesting, so that's always worth a read if you have chance.

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