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Derbyshire Food & Drink Fair, Kedleston - November 2015.

Located in the stunning grounds at Kedleston Hall, Derby lies the Derbyshire Food & Drink Fair.
I've never been to Kedleston before. I was so mesmerised by the place. It was beautiful. I imagine it would be a lovely place for a wedding - which they actually do here too! My pictures really don't do it justice.

The fair was on November 28th & 29th. We headed over on the first day for when it opened at 10am.
When we arrived, the car park was really full already and there was even a queue to get in!
Parking was free, however the entry cost is £5 for adults and £1 for children.

There were two marquees set up on the grass, I decided to go to the one you can see in the picture first as it was further away and everyone was heading for the one closest.

The tents had stalls running up the sides.
There was such a variety which was great as often the stalls can get quite repetitive.

In here, the stalls of most interest to me were 'The Fudge Factory
With so many different flavours, you're spoilt for choice! I didn't buy any but made sure I had some samples! My favourite was the Vimto flavour!

I bought an Arancini from this stall (which I can't for the life of me remember the name of! I'm sorry) as I'd seen these on TV ages ago and thought they sounded delicious!
Basically, it's a ball of risotto which is covered in breadcrumbs and fried. I bought a mozzarella one. Yum!
After this tent, we headed to a few stalls inside the house.
This was all jewellery, bread and toys so didn't stay in there long!

Next we had a wander over to the stables.
Along the path were many caterers.

I loved this dinky little van with a pizza oven in the back - such a great idea!

Over to the second tent now...
It was a lot busier in here as like I mentioned, everyone seemed to go to this one first and people were entering the fair constantly!

I was so happy to see Buffalo Brownies in here!
If you haven't seen already - I did a review on a selection of their delicious brownies and blondies (catch up here) so couldn't resist and bought 6 more!
The girls were so helpful! 

Sophisticakes was a popular stall. I was tempted by the Caramac cake but decided not too as I had just bought 6 brownies!! They all looked amazing though.

When I couldn't find Ashlea, I just knew he'd be over at a brewery stall.
Intrepid is a Derbyshire based brewery with a range of ales including IPA, blonde, dark and all that kinda stuff.
He managed to get a sample of all of them but was pleasantly surprised by the rhubarb and strawberry flavour!
We walked away with a pack of 3 for £7.95 (I think).

Another purchase by Ashlea was this cute handmade wooden tasting spoon from Made By Herons.
At £7 it did seem a little pricey but after thinking about it, it's handmade, good quality and one of a kind so was justifiable.
I was reminded at the time of a local young lady who was on the TV show George Clarke's Amazing Spaces and made a lot of things with wood. After researching online, it turned out it was her!

Once we'd had a walk around, we decided to head off instead of hanging around.
We'd done everything within an hour, I was expecting to be there a lot longer.

The Derbyshire Food & Drink Fair is hosted at Kedleston twice a year. In 2016 you'll find it here in May and again in November so I'd definitely say it's worth a visit if you can.
I think I will probably try going in May next year as looking at the previous events, this one seems to be a lot bigger than the Christmas one.

Take a a look at the latest info here:

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