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No. 6 Bar & Lounge Relaunch Night - Nottingham.

Secretly located inside Nottingham's lavish St. James Hotel, lies No.6 Bar.
On Friday night, I was lucky enough to be invited along to their relaunch night which over 250 VIP guests turned up for.

Upon arrival, myself and my plus one, Emily were escorted into the bar area which was full to the brim with people.

We were handed a flute of champagne (orange juice for me) and were left to explore.

Our first stop was the gallery featuring local photographer Drew Shearwood. This was a very popular attraction with many admiring his work. They were even available to purchase too.
Next, we headed for the cocktail masterclass with the bar's head mixologist Adam Stephenson who created the drinks.

Available to sample were 'The Marmalade Bathtub' which I'm told by Emily was quite a strong one and 'The No.6 Fix' which was much lighter and fruity as it contained raspberry.

Throughout the night, there were a selection of both sweet and savoury canapes being handed out by the waiting on staff.
 These were miniature sweet chilli burgers. They looked really cute and tasted great however were served pink which isn't my favourite but still really good.
I was told by other guests that there were other savoury canapes but they must have been snapped up by the time we got around to having them.
For dessert, we were able to sample a few more options. Which I wasn't complaining about as desserts are my favourite.
There were three options to try. The ones in the bowl were cinnamon and rice pudding doughnuts. I know sounds strange, right? I had a go. The flavours were nice but was a little on the stodgy side. You couldn't really have more than one or two.
Up next was the chocolate bread and butter pudding. I've never actually had bread and butter pudding so was excited to finally try it especially as it contained chocolate and not raisins.
My favourite though was the millionaire shortbread. It's one of my favourites anyway so I really enjoyed this one. All of the layers tasted great and was the perfect bite sized amount. They had mint on which personally I wouldn't but still really tasty.

Throughout the night there was a great atmosphere with live entertainment from acoustic and jazz musicians.
We took a seat and chatted with fellow guests with our drinks.Like many others.
There were drink menus on the tables which have all sorts in. No.6 bar state that they only use the best brands so you're sure to find something you'll like. Unfortunately, no food menus though which was a shame.
Overall me and Emily had a great night. The bar area has been revamped and looks lovely. The staff were all friendly and is worth a visit if you're looking for somewhere upmarket to have a nice time.

The bar is now officially open to the public so why not go and take a look?

You can take a look at their website here:

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