Friday, 18 September 2015

Bill's - Nottingham.

After spending the night in Nottingham last weekend, me and Ashlea were on the hunt for some breakfast.
One of the places that was suggested to me a couple of times was Bill's.
I've never been to Bill's so it seemed like the perfect opportunity.
We had a wander over and decided to go in.
We arrived about 10am so it was more like a brunch really.
They had a few tables spare so luckily we were seated straight away.

We were sat opposite the bar which meant we got a really good view of the overall restaurant.
I really liked the interior. It was cluttered, but in a good way. It just works!

We got handed menu's and our drinks order was taken.
 Our waitress gave us a little brown bag which was a little confusing, but after reading it, it was a shopping list. It was go that you can order bits and bobs to take away.
Bill's sell their own pink lemonade, juices, chocolates, jams & more.
You can also buy these online.
For drinks, I ordered a fresh orange juice which was deliciously refreshing and Ashlea had a latte.
Our waitress also bought us over some water which was very nice of her.
For our breakfast, we both went for the same thing. The Bill's Breakfast.
This is made up of little Cumberland sausages, two free range fried eggs, streaky bacon, toast, mushrooms and tomatoes.
As we're a fussy pair, we both changed the mushroom and tomatoes for baked beans which we were told was no problem at all.
The food came out really quickly and tasted amazing!
The sausages were lovely, the bacon nice and crispy, the egg yolks runny, the bloomer that the toast was made from was so good too. The whole thing was just great!

There's plenty of other choices on the menu too including veggie breakfasts, pancakes & the granola and yoghurt which I may have to go back and try. It comes with little fruit skewers which looked so good.

We didn't really hang around as there was shopping to be done.
Overall, I had a fantastic experience at Bill's and would definitely return. If not for breakfast, then for a lunch or evening meal.
The staff were all lovely and attentive. The food delicious and the place itself was very nice.

You can have a look at Bill's Nottingham here: 

If you're in town, I would definitely recommend a visit!

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