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The Treat Kitchen Confectionery - Nottingham.

When I was asked if I wanted to go along to review a sweet shop, of course the answer is going to be YES!
The Treat Kitchen is located just to the side the Old Market Square and is probably somewhere that many of you have walked past before within the year that it's been open.
Having recently won and award for 'Nottingham's best independent business 2015' I knew it was going to be good.

As I arrived, I was greeted by Martin who was in the street  handing out free bonbons.
We had a chat and he told me all about the business and how confectionery has been a part of his family for over 100 years.
He also introduced me to his dad who was behind the counter hand making their fudge!
Martin & Jess decided to start The Treat Kitchen in their home town after returning from Australia and building up valuable experience and knowledge by working for some top brands.
They wanted to create a modern version of 'Ye Olde Sweet Shoppe' and I personally think they do it perfectly.

 As I had a wander, I was amazed by the choice of sweets available and in so many flavours!
They try to source sweets as locally as possible, one being 'The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company' who are also from Nottingham.
These are a great idea is you're looking to get someone a present that's a bit different!

Next up are the Jelly Beans. Here at The Treat Kitchen, you can chose from over 30 flavours of Jelly Beans.
I was lucky enough to take away some of the 'Tropical Punch' flavour. They taste great! The bag won't last long that's for sure!

As I mentioned earlier, Martin's dad hand makes the fudge right in front of you.
They usually have around 12 flavours available at one time and change these on a regular basis. Since opening, they have made over 3 tonnes of fudge!

I was able to chose four flavours to try.
Here I have Vanilla, White Chocolate and Raspberry, Triple Layer (Kind of resembles a Billionaires Shortbread, the picture doesn't show this) and Vanilla & Honeycomb. 
As a major fudge lover, I was most excited about this part and I was not disappointed.
They all have the perfect texture which melts in the mouth and you really can taste what flavour each one is.
If I had to chose a favourite, I'd probably say the Vanilla, just because you can't go wrong with it, it's a classic!

My next sample was from the Radioactive range... I know, I was scared too.
These come in many flavours and look amazing in these Chemistry style bottles.
Martin pre-warned me about these as the acid coating on them is just under the legal limit to sell!
Apparently, these are one of the best sellers!
I (reluctantly) chose Blackcurrant. I'm a bit of a wuss when it comes to stuff like this. The sweet went in my mouth and straight back out again. I don't even think I managed a second! 
When I returned home, this was the one everyone wanted to try. The reactions were mixed. Some people didn't even react saying that it wasn't sour at all! I guess it just varies.
The acid coating lasts about 30 seconds, then your left with your sweet.

Anyway, here's some more pictures of the shop itself and what you can buy.

These sweets are from the Sugar Free range.There are over 10 varieties available and I'm told there is no compromising here when it comes to flavour - winner!

One thing I loved is the packaging. They come in these glass bottles that can be reused for anything afterwards.
As the glass is clear, the sweets are therefore on show so you know exactly what you're getting, why wouldn't you want to show them off!? It brightens up the place and all bottles are filled to the brim. Perfect!

As you've already seen, I was able to take away some goodies. This being my complete haul:

As well as the Jelly Beans, Fudge and Radioactive sweets, I also took away some Strawberry Bonbons, Strawberry Cheesecake Sweets and Milk Bottles.

Again, these all tasted great! I loved every single one!

As it came to my time to leave with my bag of goodies, Martin thanked me for coming in. I had a great time as Martin, Jess & His dad were all so lovely and welcoming.
If you're in Nottingham, I would highly recommend you stop by here, you're sure to find something you like!

As well as a store in Nottingham, there is also one in Leicester (a little too far for me).
I am excited though as they are due to open their third store in Derby next month!
It will be located in the Intu Centre (Westfield) on 12th September and they will be handing out 75,000 sweets in Derby to celebrate!
The ribbon cutting will be at 11am by the Mayor!

Feel free to check out their website... you can also buy on there too!

Thanks for reading!


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