Saturday, 29 August 2015

OAKS - Nottingham.

Last night, I was invited along to OAKS in Nottingham.
It's somewhere that I haven't been before, but have heard a lot about since opening recently.
Located just off Maid Marion Way (opposite the Britannia Hotel) it is really easy to get to with a car park just over the road and the bus and tram routes near by.
The outside of the restaurant looked very stylish!

Upon arrival, we had a lovely warm welcome from all of the staff and everyone was so friendly and chatty.
We were seated and given menus to look at.
For drinks, I opted for homemade lemonade and Ashlea went for the craft beers (many of them local).
The homemade lemonade was really good. A little sharp on the first sip but after that it went down a treat.

All of the meat served at OAKS is locally sourced and cooked over an open fire grill that you get to see from the dining area. The wood used for this is also local from the Nottinghamshire Wildlift Trust.
To start, we chose a couple of 'nibbles'. I wanted to make sure I tried things that I wouldn't normally, so we had the homemade Pork Crackling (it takes a few days to make overall) and the Beef Quail Scotch Eggs to share.

We were bought the Crackling and Oh My God.. it was amazing! I don't usually like crackling/scratching etc but I loved these. They were sprinkled with Paprika and were so light! I could have eaten them all. They weren't crunchy... more pop-py, if that makes sense?
Next up was the Scotch Eggs. I've never had scotch eggs before or any other egg than a chicken's so was a little nervous. These were gorgeous too. The outside was crunchy which was nice and the overall flavour was great. We were also handed a box of homemade sauces to accompany - Smoked Chilli Brown Sauce, Burnt Onion and Tomato Sauce and Mustard & Horseradish. The latter was recommended by our waitress. They all tasted good with the Scotch Eggs, but I preferred them plain personally.
For mains, the options are predominately Burgers and Sausages but they also offer Chicken, Fish, Steak and Veggie options too.
Normally in a restaurant like this, we would both go for burgers but instead decided to try the sausages as it was a little different.

I chose the Chicken, Asparagus, Ricotta, Sage and Lemon Zest Sausage. I've never heard of a Chicken Sausage before so felt I had to try it.
I chose to have mine in a Pretzel Bun and a side of hand cut fries.
It was lovely! It was really nice to have an alternative sausage meat and it worked really well. The flavours were great, especially the citrus from the lemon zest and the fries were delicious. The Pretzel bun was a nice change too and again complimented really well.

Ashlea had a Sausage too but had the Pork, Pancetta and Smoked Paprika with a side of fries.
He said his was amazing and loved the combination of flavours. 
I tried this one myself but it was too strong for me, but for him I knew it tasted good.

When it came to dessert, I had heard a lot on Twitter about their doughnuts so knew I had to have those!
They come with a Marsala Cream inside.
They were lovely! Really sweet but also not too much cream inside too which was nice as they weren't sickly.
As there were six, we had three each and they were gone pretty much straight away.

To go with these, we both had a scoop of ice cream. They get this from Bluebell Farm which is just in Derby so again is locally sourced.
Ashlea is a big fan of their Carrot Cake flavour so had this one.
I had Cherry Bakewell flavour. It tasted just like Cherry and I got the Marzipan flavour through too... lush.
I had a little wander around to see the place a little more.
The interior is really nice with the Oak Wood tables and walls.
They also have some funky light fittings too that hang from butcher's hooks. It made sense really and some made from candles.

When we first arrived at 7:30pm there were a few tables in already, by the time we came to leave just after 9pm it was a lot busier and most tables were full.
About 8:30pm they had a live DJ on which was a great touch. They have live music on quite a lot so I'm told.

I wandered off to the toilet, walking past the see through cellar which was pretty cool.
The toilets are quite a trek and I ended up going the wrong way.
They are down two flights of stairs and when you get there you are greeted by Fridge Doors. The kind you get in a restaurant kitchen that you can walk in.
I found it a little odd but was something different. Once inside, the doors are hard to open again and you have to give it a big push - beware!
Overall, I would definitely recommend OAKS to anyone going to Nottingham.
The atmosphere is great, the staff were all lovely and the food amazing!
Everything is very reasonably priced too which is a bonus.

If you'd like to see their website, you can here:

Thanks OAKS for an amazing night and thanks for reading!



  1. Great post! I'll have to give this a try next time I'm in Notts x


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