Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Farmhouse at Mackworth - Derby.

I first came across The Farmhouse at Mackworth online and knew straight away that I wanted to try it.
Only opening in March, it is still relatively new but when I found out they only launched their new menu the day before we visited, now seemed the perfect time to try!

Upon pulling into the car park (which is very big, but full I must add), I loved it straight away. You can tell that a lot of thought has been put into the outside as it's appearance is lovely. This definitely transfers to the inside.

We ordered drinks at the bar, the guy who served us was very friendly and welcomed us. I just stuck with my usual diet coke but Ashlea tried one of the ales. They also do a list of cocktails and have offers on some drinks too.

We took our drinks and had a nosey around the place. I fell more and more in love.
The rear to the building has some decked seating, but then you look to the distance and there are lots of benches all down the field to the back. I can imaging it would be lovely to sit out there on a warm summers day with a mocktail and friends.

The bar area is split into little sections which as the night went on, filled up very quickly to say how big it is inside. 
My favourite room was 'The Secret Library' which had big leather seats around round tables and a great quirky display on the ceiling of all places!
We were taken through to our table and given menu's to look at.

It was great to see there was something for everyone on there which makes it so much easier to chose.
They also have an open wood fired pizza kitchen which our table over looked, so it was nice to see the pizza chef hard at work.

The restaurant area was very nice with lots of natural light bounding in and overlooking the garden to the back.
Both me and Ashlea decided to skip starters as the desserts looked tempting.
We both opted for 'The Farmhouse at Mackworth Burger' which was pulled Beef short rib, sticky bacon and onion jam in a bun with a mustard & rapeseed mayonnaise which came served with chips.
It was amazing! The chips were perfect (especially covered in rock salt) and the burger itself was to die for. I could have eaten both! It was definitely a good choice.
The only criticism I did have is that it didn't come with many chips. I personally would have liked a few more, but it was still goooood.

Now for desserts. I knew straight away I wanted the 'Warm gooey chocolate brownie' so ordered this with our waitress.
We were intrigued as to what a dessert advertised as 'Cripsy fried icecream' was so decided to ask. Our waitress wasn't sure herself as the menu had only come out the day before, so she called who I assume to be the manager over for help. We didn't get a description, she told us that they didn't have any of this dessert, so there was no point in her explaining. This was a little disappointing as we both really wanted to know.
He ordered the 'Salted dark chocolate tart' instead, to which the waitress then told us there was none of this dessert either. So, we both ended up having brownie.

From my own previous experience, I think that if there were any desserts on the menu that were unavailable, this should be stated upon giving the customer a menu, so this was a tad disappointing.

Our brownies were served and it looked delicious, however it wasn't 'warm and gooey' as advertised. It was served cold as if just out of the refrigerator and therefore not gooey.

We decided to let these little niggles go over our heads as we thought maybe they just haven't got into the swing of it yet. We both understood and it didn't ruin our experience.
After dessert, we got the bill and were happy about how reasonably priced everything was and left.
I would definitely go back here as I thought it was a fantastic place and want to go back as soon as possible to try a pizza.
I'm told that the steaks are amazing there too.
By the time we left, it was very full so I would recommend booking a table if you can to avoid disappointment.

You can take a look at them on their website ..
They also have rooms and weddings too!

Thanks for looking!


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  1. Monet - your review is insightful however I feel that even though the venue is good it did let you down on a couple of issues. A small chip portion was not good and a brownie that was not gooey. So out of four items ordered you only got 2 that you were happy with?? Still I will give it a try and hopefully it will live up to your review... If not I blame you!!


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