Sunday, 28 June 2015

George's Fish and Chip Kitchen - Nottingham.

When asked 'Where would you like to eat?" in Nottingham, my mind goes blank. So many to chose from!
However, I knew exactly where I wanted to go this time after being told that just the night before, they had won 'The best new venue' at the Nottingham Food & Drink awards.
George's fish & chip kitchen.
Many may know George's around here as the takeaways, but this is completely different.

Me & my uncle, Greg arrived at about 13:30 on Friday afternoon, the place was full. There was a 10-15 minute wait for a table, so we had a walk through to the bar.
We ordered drinks and had a chat until a table became free.

I loved the interior!
The first thing that I noticed was the beach huts above our heads, they were a great touch for the type of restaurant it is!

There are also lots of prop type objects dotted around too, like bowler hats and jackets etc. 
What's great about here, is they encourage you to use social media - it's a genius way of free advertisement, very clever and fun at the same time!

Our waiter came over and seated us on the ground floor (there is an upstairs too but it wasn't being used) near the front window.
The menu's are made from and made to look like newspapers!
Now, I don't do fish and chips... I know.
I chose to have the Chicken Schnitzel Burger which was a breast fillet in panko breadcrumbs in a brioche bun with melted Gruyere cheese, aioli and the usual salady stuff.
It was amazing! By far the best chicken burger I have ever had. Crispy, moist and tasty! I definitely want to go back for another.
This comes served on a tray with twice cooked 'chippy chips' (along with scoop) and bloody Mary ketchup.
Greg chose to have the Steak Burger which was a 6oz steak, again in a brioche bun with aioli and salady stuff. Oh, and the chips with scoop.
He told me it was very nice, but after seeing mine, he had major food envy and I'm not surprised. 
For dessert, we had the sharing option which included a range of different things.
Freshly made doughnut sticks that were still warm (covered in sugar), chocolate dipping sauce, raspberry dipping sauce, candy floss and a tub of icecream topped with cream, flakes, sauce and bits. Yum Yum.
Definitely a good choice if you chose to have a dessert here! We managed every bit, quite an achievement.

Overall, I really enjoyed my experience at George's Fish and Chip Kitchen. The staff were friendly, the food was great and the place itself is very nicely done.
I would advise to book a table from my experience, I expect weekends are very busy too!

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